Best premium brand dog food. Grain free, hypoallergenic and with a high meat content.

Choosing the right dog food is never easy. There are so many to choose from and knowing what to feed your dog can be difficult when you aren't sure what you're looking for in a food. 

Why Choose Dog's Life


 Having been involved with finding and training dogs and puppies for a number of years at Puppy Steps, one thing we had noticed was that choosing and transitioning from one food to the another could be a challenge. Some dogs can eat what they want without any issues, others only have to look at a different food and they get upset tummies. What about the ingredients?  Are the ingredients good quality? Are there any packers or fillers? Is it full of colourings? Is this the best food to feed my dog?  These are just some of the things we worry about as responsible dog owners.


We needed a food that was easy to digest, had a high meat content and good nutritional values. One which was grain free, used high quality ingredients and wasn't full of packers, fillers and colourings.  What we were looking for was the best premium dog food we could find and one suitable for adults, puppies, working dogs or dogs with specific dietary requirements. Our much loved family pets can't make the choice for themselves so we, as dog owners, have a duty to make the right choice for our pets.

Having trialled many different brands, from known big names, to budget kibble and still not finding a food the majority of dogs were happy with, we finally decided to develop our own. That way we would know exactly what was being used and where the ingredients came from. Over a number of months working with nutritionists and veterinarians to get the balance right, trialling many different combinations and ingredients, we finally found a recipe which works. Adults and puppies adapt to it quickly, its tasty, nutritious and has been developed with your dogs best interest at heart.


   Let us at Dog's life help you understand what to feed your dog and give you piece of mind that you're making your dogs life a happy one.