Hypoallergenic grain free dog food for working dogs.

Hypoallergenic Grain Free

Dog Food For Adults, Puppies And Working Dogs.

The best hypoallergenic grain free working dog food


Freshly prepared meats are gently cooked at 90 Celsius, rather than the usual 300 Celsius. This gentle cooking process protects the nutrients,  allowing your pet to have optimal nutrient bio-availability.

    Gently cooking the food means nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact rather than them being denatured when subject to extremely high cooking temperatures.


This means more proteins are readily available and can be easily digested by adults, puppies and working dogs..


Raw and fresh ingredients. Human grade whole foods, hypoallergenic grain free, minimal processing and no by products (such as rendered meats) meaning healthier and more nutritious meals for your pet.


At Dog's Life Dog Food all of our products are produced in our factory here in the UK and all ingredients are traceable back to source.